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Birth story of Rosie

On the 11th of October when I was 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, my waters broke, I got up to go to the toilet, I was sitting on the edge of the bed when they went, I tried to quickly walk to the toilet with water running out if me.

2 hours later the contractions started at 5 minute intervals, went to the toilet I noticed some blood so I called the hospital who said to come in, I got a taxi on my own as Mike was caring for Charlie.

Once I arrived at hospital they stated to monitor me, and the contractions slowly stopped, the did an internal examination to check the cause of bleed, they were not worried some was sent home, and they booked an induction for 08:30 the next day if they baby hadn’t made an appearance.

Once home I was feeling fine, still leaking but no contractions so we went to Tesco of all places to get some shopping, once home I decided to have a bath and shave to be all fresh and clean for the big event.

I was drying my hair at about 13:30 when the contractions started, this time they were 2 mins apart but only last 40 seconds.

I came down stairs and told Mike that I think we need to call the Hospital, which I did and they said to come in, was getting ready to leave when there was another gush of water and I was not able to move, I got on my hands and knee and basically started too push! Mike was on phone to 999, who was trying to take Mike through everything.

The 999 operated insisted I move on to my back, but I said I couldn’t or should I say screamed I can’t move. At this point Rosie’s head was popping in and out and Mike was told to hold his hand over the baby’s head, at which point the ambulance finally arrived, just in time to deliver her, shortly after the midwife arrive to deliver the placenta.

Then the 999 people made us all a cup of tea..

Rosie’s birth story.



1 thought on “Birth story of Rosie”

  1. Amazing! I guess that’s one way to avoid the dread of labour that starts to worry one in the last few weeks… So glad everyone was safe and sound and it was quick, at least! Thanks for sharing the story. xx

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