Batiste Smoothing Blow Dry Accelerator ‘Part of the testing team’ #BatiseBlowdry

So I’ve tested the product twice now.#BatiseBlowdry

It has quite a strong smell but it does seem to speed up my drying time.

My hair is very thick, think it’s speeded up the time by around 10mins and has left my hair smoother and less frizzy.

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Charlie’s Milestone updated

19/01/2010 charlie born 8lb 10oz, at 17:11.

Started milestone diary 27 April 2010.

27/04/10 Charlie moving around in cot by pushing legs down, when lying down so his hips are raised, dribbling a lot and putting things in his mouth.(14 wks)

04/05/2010 Started baby porriage at 17 weeks a little laugh/chuckle

18/05/10 Was on front and rolled over.

02/05/2010 Sits for few seconds unaided. Can support his body weight if you hold his hands.

03/06/2010 a proper laugh was so funny not sure what his was laughing at.

04/06/2010 (19 weeks) Puts my hand in his mouth and sucks bite’s down with his gums

10/06 rolling over on his own from back to front

19/05/10 rolling back to front no help

5/8/10 pushing himself back wards and can sit on own now

18/08 C was lying down came back in and was sitting up

1st September sure Charlie said ma ma today 8months

3rd September crawled forward, has been crawling backwards for a while.

7th September crawl across the room,

11th sept first tooth, bottom 13th September Charlie said mama 2nd tooth, seem to be coming at same time.

19/9 said da da

22/9/2010, We made Charlie jump as he did some thing cute and he started to cry, it’s the first time he gave me a cuddle and I felt

18/10 starting to pull himself up.

6/11 Charlie gave me a proper cuddle. And pulled himself up and stood unaided for few

12th dec letting go when standing up, for about 10 seconds, then did it for a minute. But does walk around furniture if holding on.

23/dec first proper cold and cough..

28/12/2010 doing a little wave

06/01/2010 clapping

09/01/2011 waving and clapping now. Can understand the command wave and glad and does the actions.

15/01/2011 first mini step now has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom.

21/1/2011 nodded

28/1/2011 pointed to his head

05/02/2011 holds things to his head, as if they were a telephone.. and kind if says hello.

19/02/2011 first pair of shoes

20/02/2011 took 4 steps, then 6 steps.

March been sitting Charlie on his potty, not doing anything yet.

9/3/2011 can recognise the words ball, head, nose and cow and point to them

14/03/2011 taking Charlie swimming for the first time. Daddy will watch, doesn’t want to come in.

22/03/2011 more vocal today.

1/4/2011 walking around things a bit more today. Blowing kisses.



06/04/2011 said ‘car’ and walking more getting more confident.

17 April 2011 first hair cut by me.


24/04/2011 15 months. Taking more steps. I’d say walking now 

June 2011, saying oh no, hello, number 2, mummy, daddy.

Now has 12 teeth at 17 months.

5 July 2011, first proper hair cut at the barbers.


20 July, a lot more confident at walking, says hello to strangers and waves to them. Says oh dear all the time and sometimes in the right context.

Words at 18 months

bye bye
Oh dear
See yeah

17/8/2011 trying new cup out, clever boy.


18/10/2011 made this on his own


Can under stand simple commands
Dec 2011 drinking from cup on his own now.


Says even more words now, not going to list them all.

30/12/2011We’re trying to teach him to jump but he’s not quite mastered it yet.

He’s becoming quite attached to me and his trains, he even has to take at least one train to bed with him.

14/01/2012 very chatty and lots more words.

19/01/2012 Charlie did his first pooh in the bath. Luckily I was not in there.

24/01/2012 Charlie 2 year assessment, all ok no problems with his development. X

He’s starting get stroppy now. And determined to do things his way!!

02/02/2012 Charlie first day with out a sleep, happened at nursery but made no difference to the wake up time.

13/02/2012 chicken pox has arrived I think!!

29/03 Charlie now in thomas toddler bed, and has been doing really well.

23/04/2012 Charlie just said ‘bye bye cat, see you soon’

4/7/2012 sat on potty of his own choice but didn’t do a wee.


30/7/2012 Charlie did a wee on the potty

1/8/ 2012 Charlie been nappy free for over 2 hours and no accidents yet. Just waking round in nappy and sitting on potty when he wants a wee.

3/8 did a poo on potty

13/09/2012 first day at nursery with just pants in and no accidents…

22/09/2012 still going strong with potty training so please with him. Encountering problems, will only use one potty so having trouble going out, at home no accidents.

20/2 dry at night for about a month now.. So surprised. And going on big loo now with the seat

April Still no accidents
08/04/2013 Charlie keeps saying mummy ‘your my best friend’ I said when you bigger you will prob hate me.! He said I don’t want to get bigger.

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Birth story of Rosie

On the 11th of October when I was 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, my waters broke, I got up to go to the toilet, I was sitting on the edge of the bed when they went, I tried to quickly walk to the toilet with water running out if me.

2 hours later the contractions started at 5 minute intervals, went to the toilet I noticed some blood so I called the hospital who said to come in, I got a taxi on my own as Mike was caring for Charlie.

Once I arrived at hospital they stated to monitor me, and the contractions slowly stopped, the did an internal examination to check the cause of bleed, they were not worried some was sent home, and they booked an induction for 08:30 the next day if they baby hadn’t made an appearance.

Once home I was feeling fine, still leaking but no contractions so we went to Tesco of all places to get some shopping, once home I decided to have a bath and shave to be all fresh and clean for the big event.

I was drying my hair at about 13:30 when the contractions started, this time they were 2 mins apart but only last 40 seconds.

I came down stairs and told Mike that I think we need to call the Hospital, which I did and they said to come in, was getting ready to leave when there was another gush of water and I was not able to move, I got on my hands and knee and basically started too push! Mike was on phone to 999, who was trying to take Mike through everything.

The 999 operated insisted I move on to my back, but I said I couldn’t or should I say screamed I can’t move. At this point Rosie’s head was popping in and out and Mike was told to hold his hand over the baby’s head, at which point the ambulance finally arrived, just in time to deliver her, shortly after the midwife arrive to deliver the placenta.

Then the 999 people made us all a cup of tea..

Rosie’s birth story.


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Brazilian blowdry 12/01/2012

A before shot…


1) They washed my hair with clarifying shampoo x 3
2) Then the rough dried, until dry.
3) Then they painted keratin on and left for 30 mins.

4) Then they dried hair straight with a round brush.
5) Then sectioned hair and use hair straighteners 7 times, short strokes then 1 long stroke.

And that’s the brazzilan blow dry, you ate not allowed to wash hair for 4 days, or use anything in your hair.

Here’s a shot when I got home.


After the 4 days you can wash your hair in sodium and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

The treatment is supposed to last 3-4 months.

This is a picture two days after, hair feeling a little greasy and heavy.


I am hoping once it’s been washed will look shiner as at the money it doesn’t but that could be all the product still in my hair.

This is the first wash after the 4 days.
Took less time to dry and didn’t use straighteners. Looks a bit shiner but not sure it’s worth the usual cost of £150-£170.


Two weeks later… Still ok, takes less time to style and dry and definitely
Looks in better condition.


Imminent House move

Due to recent events we will soon be in the position to be able to move, it’s bitter sweet, we wouldn’t have been able to afford to move if they hadn’t of happened.

We will still have to get a mortgage pretty much as much as we owe now but, will be in the
position to put a big deposit down.

Are idea house isn’t anything extravagant.

Minimum of 3 bedrooms decent sizes
Nice size living room
Semi detached
Down stairs toilet for when we get older, planning ahead or a bungalow.
Garage or shed
Nice size garden so we can have a vegetable patch
Near a good school for Charlie

I know I am planning ahead regarding wanting a down stairs loo, but I don’t want to move again and after what happens to my mother in law, had made us more aware of ageing and illness.

We have a meeting in January with a mortgage advisor so will decide what to do from there. We only have 74 years left on the lease so, this may cause a problem. We may have to either reduce the price we sell at or have to pay to get it renewed.

It all scares me a bit, trying not to get stressed. Mike has gone back to our leaseholder to see if he can offer a little more he said he’s very interested but will have to look into if he can get funds. Which may take a few months.

Well 31/01/2012 everything completed so we can start looking for a new home for us, looking to get out of Southend as schools aren’t very good here.

We found a house end of February and have put an offer in and it’s been accepted, mortgage also ok, so should all be ok, the house does need some work doing though.

May 2012 all going through, we should get a exchange date soon. X